Cheer UP! Athletics

Cheer Up! Athletics has been using New England Pro-Clean since 2016. 

"New England Pro-Clean cleans our office and cheerleading gym on a weekly basis. It is important that my business present itself in a very professional manner and keeping the place clean is a MUST. I have very expensive mats in the gym that my cheerleaders use for practice and it is very important they stay clean for the safety of my cheerleaders. Keeping the floors in the rest of my gym clean is the first step in keeping the mats clean and New England Pro-Clean does a great job in that respect. The cleaning staff always do a fantastic job and leave my place looking spotless even after I've had a slew of 50+ kids and parents in the place in a single night. New England Pro-Clean has never let me down and I know I can depend on them to get my place clean."